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  Webmaster Ezra Fox
(grandpa's helper:)

Sebastion Osiris Fox -
                        Earth Angel
Sebastian Osiris Fox
(Ez's brother)

Xander de Anima
Xander De Anima Johnson
Katie (Fox) & Eric Johnson

Romona Brielle Godin
Romona Brielle Godin
Isis (Fox) &  Conor Godin

It's Just 2 EZ!

 Some things are just too easy.
Like wearing out a dozen cameras
when you have 6 awesome grandkids and
live in  "The Most Beautiful Place in America".
What started with 1,000 photos of Ezra has been
narrowed down considerably in size as my passion for
digital photography has expanded and grown by gigabytes.
I will try to be more selective as time allows but shooting is the fun part.
These are just a few of the 50,000+ I have taken in the past 8 years.
Enjoy what you will, and be thankful I don't post them all !
In Joy, jfox

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Photos by jfox
Cathedral Rock - Oak
Cathedral Rock Reflection
Oak Creek - Sedona, Arizona

Peek-a-boo Cardinal
"Peek-a-boo" - Cardinal at
Mammoth Caves - Tucson, AZ

Bell Rock -
                    Sedona, Arizona
"Castle Rock Rays"
Sedona, AZ

Bell Rock Quail
"Quail Watching Bell Rock"
 Sedona, AZ

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