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Affiliate Marketing Tips

One example of my affiliate marketing is the Amazon store on this site for Canon Cameras and Accessories. Although it only pays 4-6% commissions, on a $10k Canon lens that’s a nice chunk of change. Even on a $500 lens that is still $20-$30 just for having created the store on my site. One sale would pay for the hour I spent creating the store. Canon photographers save time finding Genuine Canon Cameras & Lenses without the junk brands showing up. Why Just Canon? BIF, or birds in flight, is my favorite type of photography and the hardest to capture. I can just hold the shutter button down and keep shooting 3-4 frames per second till my memory card is full. Every other camera I owned was lucky to get one picture before the bird was gone. And the lenses cost me a fortune so why not make them pay for themselves. Do what you enjoy and let the money follow you, don’t chase it.

See my Canon Camera Shop here

Any ads you see on this site are affiliate links that pay commissions to myself or one of my downline, or both. Even the little text ads you see on the left are ClickBank Ads that lead to sales of ebooks and software paying 50-75% commsiions. Notice how they look like part of this blog and the subject is usually related? I have Google AdSense on another blog and it does fine, advertising Sedona resorts and tours. But on this site they put all sorts of unrelated ads so no more Google on Just2EZ. ClickBank lets me select the information that is most helpful to the visitors here. I own a lot of the products myself and have learned a lot from studying them. Putting it into practice is another subject. I SHOULD BE LINKING every name here to my affiliate links but after 6 years of no ads on this site (pre-blog) it seems like overkill as it is.

My venture into affiliate marketing began with dot matrix printer ribbons and re-inking kits, then on to ink-jets and toner cartridges as times progressed. I also promoted Nightingale-Conant audio books like Multiple Streams of Income and other great marketing classics. I probably should still be promoting those or at least in Success University which is making a fortune with the video versions of those same teachers. I could use the refresher courses I’m sure! If you are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme, that might just be the most legit one to get into. They’ll be the first to tell you it takes time, effort, and Learning to Earn.

I am or have been an affiliate with Amazon, ClickBank, HD Publishing,, GDI, CJ, Dreamstime, and maybe a few others I’ve forgotten or not used much. There are so many opportunities that match my interests it’s hard to stay focused. And that is one of the keys to success in online marketing, stay focused! Do what you enjoy and you will make money because of it, not because you are trying to make money. For me that is taking photos and making websites. Creating your own blog can be your first step to creating your niche. It’s easy to blog and the set up is usually done with the push of a button. Earning comes with Learning.


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  • Hi, Thank you for sharing this with us. It will really be great helped because I am a totally newbie about this. Thanks again. Keep posting more about affiliate marketing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I have tried Affiliate Marketing via Amazon affiliate program and i earn a good deal of profit from it. Just make sure you have lots of us, uk and canada traffic.

  • Affiliate marketing is the easiest and the most lucrative way to start your internet marketing career. Once you get the feel of the business you can then venture on to others. And remember, success is not by chance, itโ€™s by choice!.

  • What a great rseoucre this text is.

  • Once you have the proper training you can sell basically anything online. Beside those you mentioned here are the other options you have. My advice would be to pick two methods and to really stick to them, being consistent is key.Article Marketing: Write articles, use an article submitter/spinner to duplicate your article (same article, several versions), send them to thousands of directories at the same time with links to your lead capture page. Articles submitters are very powerful to get back links.Twitter marketing: There are strategies that will allow you to directly access your target market, even if you don’t have any followers.Social marketing: Facebook Myspace strategies.Be careful which MLM you join if you plan on signing up for one, and invest in some training so that you put all chances on your side.To your success, Hina Deane

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