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About Just2EZ

My Journey to Making EZ Money Online
by jimmyfox @

Hello World,

Jimmy Fox here. Yep, I’m a real person as many of you know. For those that don’t you can just visit the home page of this site for proof. This blog is just a small part of my wonderful life. I have 5 adult children and 4 (soon to be 5) make that 6 grand-children. My lovely wife and I have lived in Sedona, AZ for over 30 years and have been blessed beyond measure. This site existed without ads or a blog for many years and is just one of many sites I own or maintain.

I have created and hosted websites for myself and many others for 15+ years with a lot of hard work and some modest success. (Visit my RedRockHosts website for hosting help.) I have a working knowledge of programming and the internet but I’m sure you can find mistakes since I’m am ever learning, creating, and seldom looking back.

Nothing on this website, or in life, should be considered “too easy”, it takes time, effort, and the will to Learn. The easy part comes after you learn to set your income on auto-pilot. Enjoy watching me fail or succeed, I am here to educate those who care to learn the easy way. Take advantage of the 15 yrs. worth of mistakes I’ve already made. Earning comes with Learning, This time I’m learning to earn the EZ way, I hope you do too.

In Joy,


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