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Hike Bell Rock

Hike Bell Rock

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One easy way to make money with your photographs, slogans, or designs is to open a FREE store at Cafe Press. Your design can be printed on bumper stickers, coffee mugs, calendars, posters, t-shirts, teddy bears, and lots more. They handle all the sales, printing, and shipping. You decide how much of a percentage to mark up the price from their cost. There is no cost to you for a store with 1 image per item, or you can get a premier store for $5/mo that lets customers choose from different pictures on the same items. No need, since you can open as many FREE stores as you want, one for each design.

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The real kicker is CafePress pays you 5% commission from the stores of people who sign up through your store so even if your products don’t sell maybe theirs will make you money. (Bummer, 3 weeks after I wrote that CafePress discontinued the referral program, as of March 12, 2009). Still a good place to sell your works with no expense involved. As an example I point to one of my website students who has put her artwork for sale on her website and also available on mugs, t-shirts and more at CafePress. Visit Amy’s site and see what she’s up to, I just showed her how to get started, she does it all herself – well, maybe her teenage son helps a bit.

I would say if she can do it anyone can, but Amy is smart and doesn’t give up easy.

I have 2 3 free stores currently running on auto-pilot after a few hours of designing these slogans.

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