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HS-10 Test Shots

Just a few of the better or more interesting shots after the first week of owning the HS-10. Not as sharp a Canon L lens for sure but capable of some great shots and fun tricks. Comments to follow later when I get my thoughts more organized. Click image to enlarge.

Update 4/25/2010 – Back to the store she goes. Great design, nice features but NOT SHARP! I don’t think it is just my camera or I would send it to Fuji for review, it just is not sharp enough for bird feathers. Pictures of Dove and Quail look like they are made of plaster or ceramic, no fine details no matter what settings I use. From full auto to aperture or shutter speed, all pictures looked soft with the exception of a few macro shots. Here is a link to another photographers bird photos at full zoom that show more detail than my bird shots, yet still not crisp enough to satisfy me.

To add further insult, after a week of taking pictures of my grand children with this camera – all the shots look soft and many are blurry due to Auto choosing a slow shutter speed more often than not. Using the camera in full manual modes helped a lot but again the photos have a soft and grainy appearance. I have no hope left and as much as I love the design and feel of the HS-10, it just has not proven to me that the glass and sensor are capable of producing a sharp image. Below is the best of the shots I got from the HS-10 in 2 weeks of trying . Many were good enough for small prints but none that I would blow up beyond 8×10. The only exception is in Macro mode which seems to suit this camera well if that is what you want. The HD video is clean and nice but not why I bought this camera. I want a super zoom that can take sharp photos of birds in flight, or at least sitting still! End of story.

FujiHS10 Test shot 52

Apple blossom cropped for detail - flash on

FujiHS10 Test shot Bee

Bee on Rosemary cropped for detail - flash on

FujiHS10 5 in 1 shot

Son-in-law, 5 in 1 shot test

FujiHS10 5 in 1 Test Shot shot

Shiva plays soccer basketball?


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