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Update 5/31/09 for those who may be following this post, you know my interest is more in HHO torches for lampworking (glass blowing) and welding but the fuel saving end of this technology is under attack by forces that are about to get more publicity than they expected. That may be just what the HHO industry needs to get past the mainstream media’s ignorance.

Ozzie Freedom is being charged by the Texas attorney general with fraud – for selling INFORMATION on how to use HHO. Ozzie is the founder of the Water4Gas movement, not the inventor of the process nor does he even sell units. He created an information book on HHO that has been sold around the world, offering a full 60 day “no questions asked” refund through ClickBank, and the Texas AG has the audacity to accuse him of fraud. He even has disclaimers prominently posted that these are experimental system results with many variables involved. Yes, there have been “marketers” who made claims that were unsubstantiated and not endorsed by Ozzie or Water4Gas but those are not the people being charged. Do I smell OIL? I will not try to defend Ozzie here but the right to publish the information that he did is an undisputed right in America. I guess the Republic of Texas is ready to succeed. Wouldn’t be the first time they tried, they always did think they were better than the rest of the world. I should know, I have roots there and some of my best friends still live there. Ozzie has posted a re-rebuttal to the charges along with some great links about YOUR FREEDOMS and the Water4Gas movement here.

I know it sounds ridiculous at first….

But, believe it or not HHO not only works, it’s going mainstream. No longer just Mason jars and backyard mechanics, Water4Gas technology has moved into the 21st Century with advances in computer controls and HHO fuel cells that look more like a factory part than a home-made job. Yet they remain simple to install, use, and are getting more reliable by the day. Mileage gains of 20-100% (and more!) are being created while cleaning the air and improving engine performance. There are Certified Installers available now along with high tech systems that have a 3 year worry free warranty.

Of course you can still build and install your own kit very easy and cheaply. Visit William’ s Water4Gas and learn more, buy parts, find an installer, or just sign up for his FREE 7 Day Course and learn how to do it yourself. You can even become a Certified Installer in a short time and earn a big income on this wave of the future.

Water, hmmmm. That is the future folks. It takes very little water to produce HHO and gives back clean H2O as exhaust. It even cleans your engine! Get involved today and help save the environment while saving big money on fuel costs. Your help is needed to convince all states to allow HHO alterations during smog tests, most states still do not allow alteration to factory pollution controls – which don’t work and actually reduce your mileage creating more pollution. HHO is far more environmentally friendly than the government. Even an old clunker with an HHO kit installed can pass the strictest emissions test, yet get twice the gas mileage it got when it was new and a polluting gas hog.

The science behind Water4Gas is proven beyond a doubt. Check out YouTube for “HHO TORCH” and watch some crazy experimenters weld a steel bolt into marble, make glass from rocks or sand, cut steel or copper into art, and more using just water and electricity to create the gas. If that isn’t “hot water”, I don’t know what is. Here’s another video about HHO torches and cars from Fox News.

Converting a car or truck to use HHO is very easy and there are free demonstrations going on nationwide every weekend to prove it. NASA even tested and proved it long ago but as with anything good for us, it was “buried” for 40 years. To read the NASA report plus find out about on-going research projects and new advances, Visit my old friend William’s Water4Gas blog>>>

In Joy, jimmy


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  • Thanks for sharing. It is useful for me.

  • Cheers pal. I do appreciate the wiritng.

  • Hydrogen generators sound prosiming, there are a few people that have claimed to make progress with this technology but have either been bought out, silenced or have died. It sounds like most progress involves conventional electrolysis with a twist . using pulsed voltages at certain frequencies. It appears that water will disassociate at certain frequencies, mainly it’s resonant frequency. This speeds up the generation of hydrogen/oxygen gases much more than conventional electrolysis. Do a search for water dissociation. I believe someone is going to find answers sooner or later through trial and error, just tinkering in their own garage. The thing is, in order to get it out to the masses, the inventor is going to have to give the invention away by posting the specifications on the Internet for anyone to build, because if they decide to patent it and sell it, an Oil company will buy it but won’t do anything with it. Oil companies and their investors (institutional, and Governments) are trying to prevent alternate fuels from taking over, all based on greed. They will only do something when the Oil runs out, but at the going rate, the planet will be destroyed and millions of people will be dead because of pollution before that happens.Think about the massive changes possible with a hydrogen generator. All the energy you would need would come from water rain, lakes, rivers, streams, the ocean! You wouldn’t need fossil fuels anymore, at least not for fuel! No more gasoline or diesel for trains, buses, heavy machinery, emergency vehicles, trucks, cars, lawn mowers.No more natural gas to heat your home, hot water tank or cook meals with. You would even be able to run an electric generator with hydrogen to provide power to your home!

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