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Happy 8th Birthday to Just2EZ and Ezra

Wow! 8 years ago today I became a grandfather for the first time and started this website so my mother could see her first great grand child from 1,000 miles away. What started with 1,000 pictures of Ezra became a jumble of more than 500 pages of photos and marketing advice shared with friends around the world. The blog was a late addition, more of an experiment to demonstrate “how to” to some other friends I was helping.

Now, 8 years and 6 grand kids later Just2EZ is still a playground for posting my photos and helping others learn to monetize their websites. 15 years and a dozen websites ago the Journey to EZ Money on-line began. What a world of change these eyes have seen. Thank you to all the anonymous friends who have helped me LEarn to Earn the EZ Way.

And Happy 8th Birthday Ezra my man! You can take over the website anytime you’re ready, lol.


1 comment to Happy 8th Birthday to Just2EZ and Ezra

  • 10 years ago today we were blessed with our first amazing grandchild and started this website to share our blessings with the world.
    And we continue to be blessed beyond measure every day.
    Thank You one and all for sharing our amazing Journey.
    Happy 10th Birthday to our Mad Scientist, Ezra C. Fox.

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