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Hike Bell Rock

Hike Bell Rock

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Make money 3D Printing on demand

Just2EZ strikes again with a new venture for 2016 using a design created in 1988. 3D Printing on demand provided by firms like Shapeways make it EZ for anyone with an ideal to have it created in dozens of materials, from plastic to gold. You can even hire designers if you aren’t feeling up to the learning curve of 3D design software. Shapeways has a free 2D drawing to 3D pendant/keychain creator app.

For me it was a matter of honoring my old motto “Earning comes with LEarning”, so it took failing forward many times to finally learn Blender(free) and come up with a design that even closely expressed my vision of perfection. Hope you enjoy it and get Inspired to Create the future of your dreams, no matter how many tries it takes.

Universal "I AM" Pendant

Universal “I AM” 3D Printed and cast in gold

Universal "I AM" over Bell Rock

Universal “I AM” Pendant
Energized by Bell Rock


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