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The Tao of Just2EZ

Many have asked “why or what is Just2EZ?”. The answer is not so obvious and the truth is somewhere between the facts and the fantasies.

My main usage comes from years of providing tech support and being accused of having a “magic touch”. It seems that when I finally show up to fix the “problems” they usually just go away. Sometimes they go away when my friends just think about calling me because they know the first thing I’ll ask is “What were you trying to do?”. So there it is in a nutshell, don’t look at the “problems”, because the solution is “It’s Just Too Easy” – and I don’t mean call me. Look at what it is you want to accomplish and quit staring at the problem trying to figure out what went wrong. Focus on the right way to accomplish your goal and Get It Done.

The majority of our so called problems are self inflicted by focusing on the problem, making it seem bigger than life. Step away from it for 5 minutes, take a walk and smell the flowers. You can even take that walk in your mind for 5 seconds and accomplish the same thing, just clear your mind of what you perceive to be the problem(s). When you have forgotten it, then approach the situation again with a fresh look at what you want to accomplish, not what you think is wrong. If you keep looking at the problems you won’t see the solutions sitting right in front of you. Most of the time It’s Just Too Easy. Sometimes starting over will be a lot easier than fixing the “problems”.

I can’t count how many times a client or friend has called me with a computer problem they were struggling with and they will spend the first 5 minutes trying to tell me what is WRONG if I can’t shut them up. Sometimes they are so stressed by the time they call me they just have to vent before they can listen. I usually tell them to turn off the computer and take a walk for 5 minutes then call me back once they have settled down. Seriously, half the time they have no choice but to just re-boot and start over anyway. That’s just a fact of life with certain un-named operating systems.

We are not much different than MS Windows, sometimes we get stuck trying to run too many programs at once, or leave too many windows open for our brains to remember what is where. At that point it is best to do the three finger salute and bring up the “Task Manager” to sort things out or choose re-boot and start over. Focusing on one thing, or three, at a time instead of a dozen will make life a lot easier, especially with computers. But when you get stuck, just remember the answer is right in front of you. If you will stop focusing on the “problems” you will see the answers a lot easier.

That is the Tao of Just2EZ, “It’s Just Too Easy”. Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be.

Now, as for where the name Just2EZ came from……

One: Just2EZ was registered the day my first grandson, EZra, was born and I wanted an EZ name for his great grandmothers to be able to find his website – well it turned out not to be so easy for them or anyone else when you’re saying on the telephone. What seems EZ to me isn’t necessarily easy for anyone else. I should know that since I spend half my time helping other people do things that are Just Too Easy for me.
That’s another story.

Two: There are 2 EZs because one of my nicknames is “EZ Money” due to that magic touch I was talking about. People pay me $25 to touch electronics for 5 minutes and heal them, silly people. I can complicate anything as well as the next tech person but hate to charge for 4 hrs of sitting on my thumbs when it only takes 5 minutes to make the problems go away. I can even do “psychic” repairs, just send $25 to my PayPal account and Consider It Done – I’ll be that little voice in your head telling you to Re-Boot!

That leaves the JUST part. What can I say, I say just a lot, including “It’s Just Too Easy”. When people ask me what was wrong with their computer I just tell them I don’t know. It’s easier than explaining their thinking patterns that created the problems, although I’m pretty good at that too after so many years of seeing the same patterns being repeated. I have often been accused of being psychic because I can usually tell them what they did click by click, and what they were thinking, even though they can’t remember how they got themselves into that mess. But I try to avoid revisiting the problems and focus on what they wanted to do in the first place. With any luck I’ve helped a few others learn to see that “It’s Just Too Easy” when they focus on the goals and solutions instead of the problems

I hope that helps make your life Just2EZ too.
In Joy,


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