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Getting Free Traffic EZ

One thing any website needs is traffic. You can spend a fortune on advertising and still get nowhere so the best way to start is the FREE Way. The FREEest way is to create CONTENT that people want to see. The more content you add the more reasons people will have to visit your website. Unique quality content will create a buzz and grow your traffic from people sharing your website with friends. Use share buttons to make it EZ for them to do it. It only takes one “share” to get a snowball rolling. The search engines will follow the traffic and bring you even more visitors. Unique photos and graphics will also bring traffic if you properly use the image tags and label pictures with keyword names.

If you are going to use advertising at least test your ads before spending any hard earned money with Google, Bing, or Yahoo. One of the best free traffic generators is TrafficSwarm where you write a text ad that is seen along with a few others when a member views their “start page”. A lot of the visitors to Just2EZ discovered this site from free ads. I seldom promote this blog site since it is “heavy” and takes too long to load for that purpose. I usually promote one of the “splash” pages on Just2EZ like “Learn To Earn” or “Get It Done!”. You can earn free displays of your ad by clicking on other ads and looking at their site for at least 20 seconds. Sometimes I forget I’m surfing for credits and spend half an hour on someone’s website learning new things about how others “Get It Done!”.

Traffic Swarm members have a variety of websites to view including resorts, healthy living choices, music, education, charities, marketing guides, and thousands more. You will get an education along with earning ad displays to promote your website or affiliate program. I highly recommend it to my clients on a tight budget, which is most these days. There are lots of ways to earn money using Traffic Swarm for free so check it out and start driving quality traffic to your website quickly. you can also go Pro for $30/mo but that is only for the serious marketer with websites that can handle the traffic explosion. Join for free, you can upgrade later if you think you need it, I don’t.


A Really Great Free Traffic Generator, Banner Exchange, and Ad Board I use a lot is TrafficG. It is from the same people who created WebMasterQuest and generates lots of exposure with class. Take a look at my classy TrafficG ad board here


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