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Sell Photos Online

My latest stock photos on Dreamstime Stock Photography Community

Another income channel is selling photos through stock agencies online. You’d be surprised at what sells and what gets rejected. I should know! Actually I feel quite lucky that I’ve had 5 of the 15 pictures I submitted accepted. Some were quality issues, others were just subjects they did not think they could sell.

Some sites will accept good photos from any camera over 4mp as long as they are sharp and properly exposed. Photos of everyday subjects like keys, money, food, kids, and people all sell well. I mostly shoot landscapes and wildlife which they have plenty of. Still, they liked 2 Dragonflies and a landscape of Monument Valley with lots of colors, shadow and light. You just never know until you try. I was expecting 99 rejections before I got a yes, so much for expectations!

I tried (and “failed”) with several agencies including iStock/Getty, ShutterStock, and Fotolia before discovering DreamsTime. The others were quick to reject me, 24hrs-3days, but DreamsTime took 7+ days and EXPLAINED why they were rejecting them in plain language instead of generalizations. Then they accepted some of my luckier shots that fit their clients. So if you want a gentle start into stock photography try DreamsTime first and be treated like a person. They have a great blog full of helpful photographers who want you to succeed.
ADDED BONUS: Dreamstime pays members 10% commission for a year on referrals , meaning any buyer or seller you refer becomes an income stream for you. So even if you can’t take a decent picture you could refer your friends who take great pictures and earn 10% off of all their sales. If you know a magazine publisher or webmaster in need of images you can earn 10% for referring them to Dreamstime. Win-Win-Win, you won’t find that very often. 3 ways to make money from photos in one place!

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