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Think and Grow Poor – Act and Grow Rich

No, I don’t mean pretend, I mean take action. Look at all your financial “heroes”. The vast majority of the wealthy that you see have one thing in common. They took action. Sure some are actors or performers who pretend to be someone else but they still had to take action and do something, not just think about it.

One of the first motivational “self help” books recommended to any entrepreneur is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I not only read it many times, it was one of the first products I marketed on the internet as an Audio Book from Nightingale-Conant along with “Multiple Streams of Income” by Robert Allen. Two books I still feel everyone should read. In fact one of the most popular (and profitable) educational programs on the internet today is Success University which has video training from the same motivational teachers. We’ve come a long way from cassette tapes.

Thinking is not the way to Grow Rich. Taking ACTION is. I do not want to undermine the value of “Think and Grow Rich” but don’t get that title stuck in your head and think it will happen without you taking action. Definitely think before you take action but action must be taken before you will get rich. Even if it is only buying a lottery ticket, you can’t win if you don’t play. The odds of you getting rich on the internet are far better than from playing the lottery, especially since you can LEarn to Earn the EZ Way – without spending a dime. Of course some people feel if they don’t pay a lot it’s not worth a lot. All I can say if you feel that way is send me your money. I’ll be glad to pass it around to those more needy.

I don’t know what the point to this post was, nothing here to sell. Just had to get that off my mind. Maybe I should join Success University so I get credit for any new members? Nah, I already said I won’t give one more penny to any “gurus”, but if they want to give me a complimentary membership I’ll take it. I’ll even review it and give them my 2 cents worth on this blog.


oh, here’s something you can buy – a bumper sticker to remind you to Get It Done!

Consider It Done?

(Oops, sorry about that – it’s available in English only at this time. The image files didn’t get translated yet! I wonder if “Earning comes with LEarning” will work in any other language. I better go LEarn some more, see y’all later.)


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