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There’s Always eBay

It definitely is not the hot marketplace it used to be but eBay is still easy money. As with brick and mortar stores, the economy has dictated lower prices to create any demand at all. You will find plenty of bargains on eBay right now so it is a buyers market just like real estate.

Still, you probably have lots of “junk” in the attic/garage that may have value to someone out there. Most of the higher bids lately have been from foreign buyers so selling internationally may net you more money. Garage sales are always a good place to find bargains to sell on eBay, especially if you live in a retirement area where lots of antiques go for pennies on the dollar.

Research is the key to selling on eBay. Look at what is selling, don’t waste money on listings that are overpriced or items no one is buying. You can find lots of helpful tips in the eBay community that will save you time and money. While drop-shipping is an easy way to sell, you do not have control over the product or shipping so it’s risky if you don’t know who your dealing with. It’s always best to have what you sell in hand and ready to ship yourself quickly to maintain a positive feedback rating. So far I have maintained 100% for 9 years and unloaded a lot of extra “stuff”. Just don’t expect top dollar in the current economy. Find a bargain and give a bargain, you’ll do just fine.


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