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Free Ebook Writing – Announcing the 7 Easiest Steps Ever to Write Your Own Ebook Absolutely Free
By Christopher M. Hall

Have you ever wondered how people write 30-40 page ebooks and sell them for $37, $97, or even $197? Would you like to write your very own ebook and make that kind of money? Here’s how to do it.

Don’t make writing an ebook harder than it has to be. Writing an ebook may seem monumental at first, but once you break it down into small, simple steps, you will be writing ebooks quickly and easily.

Step #1 – Start With An Outline

The first thing you should do is create an outline. An outline is the guide for your ebook. If you ever get stuck and are not sure what to write next, just look at your outline and you immediately have the answer.

Creating an outline is fairly easy if you know your subject well. If you know your subject, your mind will have already broken down your subject into separate, smaller topics. That is all an outline is – small topics that combine to form main points that combine to form an ebook.

Step #2 – Write An Introductory Paragraph For Each Point

Now that you have created your outline, you need to write an introductory paragraph for each point. This introductory paragraph should be 3-7 sentences. What you are doing in the introductory paragraph is connecting the previous and current points together. You will also use the introductory paragraph to tell the reader what you are going to write about in the next section.

Step #3 – Write Supporting Paragraphs For Each Introductory Paragraph

You have now written introductory paragraphs for each of your points. In my opinion, you have just completed the hardest part of creating your ebook. Now all you have to do is write a few paragraphs that describe what you said you were going to write about in the main paragraphs.

I use the word ‘few’ loosely. Some main points might have 2-3 paragraphs. Other main points might have 5-7. If a main point is larger than 7 paragraphs, you should consider breaking that point down into smaller topics.

Step #4 – Write The Introduction and Closing

You have now completed the bulk of your ebook. You just need to go back and dress your book up. You know what your main points are and how each point will benefit your reader. Since you know exactly what is written in your ebook, you can easily write an introduction and closing.

Step #5 – Edit, Rewrite, and Clean Up

Once you have written the rough draft of your ebook, you need to set aside some time to clean it up. Look for good content, smooth flow, spelling, grammar, and broken URL links.

I caution you not to cheat yourself on the editing and rewriting portion of your ebook. Editing and rewriting is as important as writing. I usually edit my entire ebook at least 3 times. I know that I am writing good content, and I don’t want silly mistakes to take the shine off of my polished ebook.

Step #6 – Create A Table Of Contents

Creating a table of contents is very simple to do, and it gives your ebook a professional and organized look. Most word processors have an automated way to create a table of contents based on your main points and sub points. This keeps you from manually creating your table of contents and keeping up with which point is on which page.

Step #7 – Write A Title

Now that you know exactly what is in your ebook, you can write a title that accurately and powerfully describes it. Use emotional words like ‘amazing’, ‘effective’, ‘powerful’, and ‘unbelievable’. These words play on people’s emotions and make them feel that your ebook is part of something unbelievably important.

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