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Make money 3D Printing on demand

Just2EZ strikes again with a new venture for 2016 using a design created in 1988. 3D Printing on demand provided by firms like Shapeways make it EZ for anyone with an ideal to have it created in dozens of materials, from plastic to gold. You can even hire designers if you aren’t feeling up to […]


“I AM” 3D Spinner and Pendant

Started out the New Year with new designs for the “I AM” 3D Spinner.

Available in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass, Bronze, Steel, and Plastics.

27 years in the making just goes to show never give up on a dream.

Thanks to my eldest son, Ezra’s father, for the CAD design help.

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Sell Photos as Fine Art

LEarn to Earn the EZ wayI’ve covered selling photos on other pages but a fast growing FREE way to get started looks like this:

Yes, you can upload your digital image files to be printed as fine art on canvas or archival paper with or without mats and frames. Fine […]



“I AM” © jfox 1988 – 2011

Two of the most powerful words we use are “I AM”. I AM is more than just two words, it is a feeling that shapes our view of the world and how we respond to it. What we add […]


Happy 8th Birthday to Just2EZ and Ezra

Wow! 8 years ago today I became a grandfather for the first time and started this website so my mother could see her first great grand child from 1,000 miles away. What started with 1,000 pictures of Ezra became a jumble of more than 500 pages of photos and marketing advice shared with friends around […]


Over 1.6 Billion Netizens – Global Marketing

Did you know that there are now over 1.6 billion internet users and that 3/4 of them are in Asia and Europe? That is a staggering amount compared to the 250,000,000 in North America. If you are not advertising globally you are missing MOST of the market. When I started marketing online there was less […]


Making Money Online is Just2EZ!

by jimmyfox @




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Here you will find tips on TOTALLY FREE ways to start making money online the EZ way. No start up cost are needed for most […]