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Hike Bell Rock

Hike Bell Rock

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Make money 3D Printing on demand

Just2EZ strikes again with a new venture for 2016 using a design created in 1988. 3D Printing on demand provided by firms like Shapeways make it EZ for anyone with an ideal to have it created in dozens of materials, from plastic to gold. You can even hire designers if you aren’t feeling up to the learning curve of 3D design software. Shapeways has a free 2D drawing to 3D pendant/keychain creator app.

For me it was a matter of honoring my old motto “Earning comes with LEarning”, so it took failing forward many times to finally learn Blender(free) and come up with a design that even closely expressed my vision of perfection. Hope you enjoy it and get Inspired to Create the future of your dreams, no matter how many tries it takes.

Universal "I AM" Pendant

Universal “I AM” 3D Printed and cast in gold

Universal "I AM" over Bell Rock

Universal “I AM” Pendant
Energized by Bell Rock


“I AM” 3D Spinner and Pendant

Started out the New Year with new designs for the “I AM” 3D Spinner.

Available in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass, Bronze, Steel, and Plastics.

27 years in the making just goes to show never give up on a dream.

Thanks to my eldest son, Ezra’s father, for the CAD design help.

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Sell Photos as Fine Art

LEarn to Earn the EZ way

I’ve covered selling photos on other pages but a fast growing FREE way to get started looks like this:

Photography Prints

Yes, you can upload your digital image files to be printed as fine art on canvas or archival paper with or without mats and frames. Fine Art America handles all the hosting, printing, processing, shipping, and guarantees their work to your customers. You set the markup you want over their basic fees and they do the rest. They even have a built in FaceBook interface to show off your new works on your personal and fan pages. (Like my Fan Page? Thanks!)

(Click here to visit for more details)

Did I mention FREE and EZ? That’s for me.

Or upgrade to a premium account for only $30/year!

Websites for Photographers

View other amazing photos of Sedona, Arizona on Fine Art America



“I AM” © jfox 1988 – 2011

I AM © jfox 1988 - 2011I AM 3 in 1

Two of the most powerful words we use are “I AM”. I AM is more than just two words, it is a feeling that shapes our view of the world and how we respond to it. What we add to “I AM” comes in a lot of forms such as “happy” or “sad”, “rich” or “poor”, “smart” or “so stupid”, I think you get the point. What is your “I AM”?


Happy 8th Birthday to Just2EZ and Ezra

Wow! 8 years ago today I became a grandfather for the first time and started this website so my mother could see her first great grand child from 1,000 miles away. What started with 1,000 pictures of Ezra became a jumble of more than 500 pages of photos and marketing advice shared with friends around the world. The blog was a late addition, more of an experiment to demonstrate “how to” to some other friends I was helping.

Now, 8 years and 6 grand kids later Just2EZ is still a playground for posting my photos and helping others learn to monetize their websites. 15 years and a dozen websites ago the Journey to EZ Money on-line began. What a world of change these eyes have seen. Thank you to all the anonymous friends who have helped me LEarn to Earn the EZ Way.

And Happy 8th Birthday Ezra my man! You can take over the website anytime you’re ready, lol.


Over 1.6 Billion Netizens – Global Marketing

Did you know that there are now over 1.6 billion internet users and that 3/4 of them are in Asia and Europe? That is a staggering amount compared to the 250,000,000 in North America. If you are not advertising globally you are missing MOST of the market. When I started marketing online there was less than 10 million internet users worldwide, and that seemed like a huge market to a guy living in a town of less than 10,000. So why are most people marketing only to the English speaking countries? I myself have been guilty up till now, but no more, you will notice the translate button on all of my blogs. For years I have been amazed at how many visitors I get from foreign countries but never considered how many non English readers I may be losing. It didn’t seem to matter with my photo sites, a picture of Bell Rock is still Bell Rock, but my BellRock2012 Blog is another story.

What really opened my eyes was the fastest growing markets are not in the English speaking countries, the market is in Asia where less than 20% of the population have internet access so far. However, that equals over 650 million people with internet access in Asia now. European countries account for nearly 400 million more users. That means there are 3 times as many potential customers who do not speak or read English. The growth rate of internet users in Asia is astronomical with over 80% of the population still waiting to get on line. Just think – another billion served sooner than you can count that high.

I should have seen it coming a long time ago. Back in 1995 Berny Dohrmann of Income Builders International (now CEO Space International ) was teaching us to “Think Global”. I was even lucky enough to sit less than 20 feet away from Bill Gates at breakfast the day he unveiled Windows 95 at the L.A. World Trade Center. Let me clarify that, I was there for a week of IBI classes and networking. I was late for breakfast that day and the only table left was a single near the Mayor’s Breakfast conference table. Bill Gates was the Mayor’s guest of honor that day. He did say hello on his way out, not that he could avoid me sitting in the aisle. Later that morning I walked into the wrong conference room, via the stage left door and interrupted his presentation for a few seconds as everyone looked to see who was coming in – the wrong door. Live and learn, that’s my motto. You would think I might have learned something during that week, and I did. But like my slogans that took 10 years to put on paper and another 20 to market, it floats around in my brain for years, and years, and years, then BAM, like a rock it sinks in. And in this case, 15 years having passed, all that Berny taught us about the coming global markets have come to pass already. Guess I’m a slow learner. But I have LEarned, and it’s not too late to “Think Global” since the Asian market will double or triple in the near future.

I could have been way ahead of the game, but I don’t really play games. I do this for the fun of learning and the joy of sharing. If that profits my family, friends, and followers, so be it. Helping others create websites and watching them LEarn to Earn is the best reward I can ask for. All else is icing on the cake. Some people say that “I’ll get my reward in Heaven” but living in heaven on Earth for over 30 years (Sedona, AZ) , I’d say I already enjoy my reward. Thank you Lord, I’ll stay right here if you don’t mind (and offer a translation button for all your other children).

In Joy,


Making Money Online is Just2EZ!

by jimmyfox @




Learn To Earn

Choose a page to learn FREE ways to earn EZ Money ->

Here you will find tips on TOTALLY FREE ways to start making money online the EZ way. No start up cost are needed for most of these income producers, just a little time and effort to set them up for continuous earning.

No matter what your hobby or passion, Learn to Earn the EZ way by sharing with the world, and profit from it. Follow along on my journey to creating wealth using affiliate programs running on autopilot. Not just for myself but a lasting Residual Income for all of my friends and followers. My goal is to use automated systems to create multiple income streams from our websites while working less than one hour a day – someday, right now it’s more like 18. I hope you can learn from watching me and avoid the costly mistakes so many people make trying to earn Easy Money online. I have 15 years worth of mistakes and success online you can learn from for FREE, at my expense.

One of the best ways I have found to earn easy money online is by blogging. There is a link on the right and at the top of the page to learn more about blogging for dollars .

I hope to make your life Just2EZ too.

In Joy, jimmyfox